Air Quality

Air quality is a crucial factor that affects amenity and public health and can lead to nuisance claims.

We have experience in monitoring air quality pollutants and assessing air quality effects for clients in the public and private sector, for projects of all sizes.

We can provide advice and assess a scheme from project inception through to planning stage. We can also assist with monitoring air quality during construction or after project completion – such as monitoring operations at mineral and industrial sites.

Himly’s team have ample experience in carrying out quantitative (including dispersion modelling) and qualitative assessments for planning applications, environmental impact assessments (EIA), peer reviews on behalf of councils and carrying out NO2 and particulate monitoring.

Air Quality – Himly’s approach

Air pollution can damage the natural environment. Improving outdoor air quality can have significant benefits to amenity and health, and exposure to good indoor air quality also positively affects our well-being and productivity.

Air pollutants can be associated with emissions from transport or combustion processes that generate heat and power, or with activities that generate dust during construction or operation. At Himly we collaborate with transport professionals, planners, designers, ecologists and other experts to identify potential air pollutant emissions and ensure that adverse effects during construction or operation are identified and mitigated.

We are committed to delivering the best possible outcome for our clients, conscious of the need to support sustainable development and seeking opportunities to better the environment.